To Husk, or Not to Husk?

To Husk, or Not to Husk?

Ever since Slumbering Husk was introduced as a new defense item there have been a number of people decrying its use. A lot of people dismiss it as an item that allows carries to think it’s okay to not build substantial defense, and I just don’t think that’s fair. While Slumbering Husk shouldn’t replace all other defensive items, it’s a great situational item, and really worth considering for squishy heroes.

Recently I was playing with a friend who refused to build a Slumbering Husk when I suggested it because we were facing a CP Joule. Slumbering Husk is designed to reduce the hit your health takes from burst damage, so I thought that instance would be the perfect situation to build Husk, but my friend told me that it was better to build an aegis (as he died to big red button in less than half a second repeatedly).

I could’ve just done the math, but that’s boring and I like the visuals, so we tested several defense item combinations against Big Red Button using a few different CP Joule builds to see what would perform best. We used SAW because he’s squishy and not very mobile, a hero that would be very vulnerable to an attack like Big Red Button. In all the builds I used for SAW I included Journey Boots, which added 250 health.

Just in case you were wondering, a naked SAW will die to Big Red Button.

Now that that’s cleared up, the first Joule build we tested was Shatterglass, Broken Myth, Echo, Alternating Current, and a Crystal Bit. When you build the maximum number of Broken Myth stacks your crystal power is increased by 36%. When you built Shatterglass and Broken Myth you have 220 CP, 36% of 220 is 79.2, so Shatterglass and Broken Myth with full stacks gives you 299.2 CP. The Alternating Current and Crystal Bit have 80 CP combined, which imitates the additional 36% increase of CP when Broken Myth has full stacks. Against this Joule build, the Aegis+Slumbering Husk combo did the best, leaving SAW with over half health. Following was double Aegis leaving just less than half health, just Husk which did almost as good as double Aegis, and just Aegis, which had the least impressive performance. Unfortunately, none of these defensive combinations were able to save SAW from an echo.

The next Joule build was two Shatterglass, Broken Myth, and Echo. The defensive item combos performed almost exactly the same as in the last test, with Aegis+Husk doing the best, followed by double Aegis, Husk, and then Aegis.

The last build we tried was an all Shatterglass Joule. Aegis+Husk was the best, then double Aegis, and Husk. Unfortunately, a single aegis was unable to protect SAW this time


So, TLDR; If you want maximum protection from CP burst damage, buy an Aegis and a Husk. Aegis+Husk protects better than two Aegis, and is cheaper. If you want to buy just one defensive item against burst buy a husk.


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