EPIC Key Giveaway

On April 10th we will be raffling away 10 EPIC Keys, 1 to each winner! In order to enter you must complete the following: Follow us on Twitter: Post a tweet with the following: Must include @gam3rdna Must include @vainglory Must use the #VaingloryCharms tag Must include your favorite VG Charms gif Do not start your message with the @ symbol Include the message “...[Read More]

1000 ICE Giveaway

1000 ICE Giveaway

Introducing the Epic ‘Elite Force’ Baron Skin!

‘Elite Force’ Baron descends with wings of fire into the Halcyon Well to find his scout overwhelmed by Churn Worms!  CHECK HIM OUT IN GAME: MODEL & EFFECT CHANGES Black and gold exo-armor Flight helmet with holographic display Thrusters ignite to create flaming plasma ion wings when Jump Jets are in use Multi-ordinance launcher   ALTERNATE FATE LORE Part I: The Voices DISARM! Twenty meter...[Read More]


  The Churn whispers to ‘Elite Force’ Idris as he scouts inside the most mysterious place on the Fold: the Halcyon Well. Will he succumb to the evil that lives within him? CHECK HIM OUT IN GAME: MODEL CHANGES Three-pointed glowing spear Environmentally sealed ballistic armor and mask HMD combat helmet with multi-spectrum optical cameras Geometrical armor patterns   ALTERNATE FATE LORE TH...[Read More]

Phinn: Support Synergy

It may lack the glory, but the support role may possibly be the most crucial role in the Vainglory game. This may not be better supported than watching the recent Evil 8 matches, and witnessing the difference in performance when Gankstars Cerberus substitutes their roamer. Picking the correct support for your team isn’t as easy as picking the “best” support character. How they synergize with your ...[Read More]


‘Gangster’ Gwen took out the mob, and now the boss wants payback. The seedy world of organized crime has never known a more dangerous dame! CHECK HER OUT IN GAME: MODEL CHANGES 1920’s style tuxedo style dress Garters & boots Wiseguy fedora Crosshair ponytail accessory Modernized weapons: sawed-off tactical shotgun & suppressed semi-automatic pistol ALTERNATE FATE LORE OUT OF AMMO “I got a ...[Read More]

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