EPIC Key Giveaway

On April 10th we will be raffling away 10 EPIC Keys, 1 to each winner! In order to enter you must complete the following: Follow us on Twitter: Post a tweet with the following: Must include @gam3rdna Must include @vainglory Must use the #VaingloryCharms tag Must include your favorite VG Charms gif Do not start your message with the @ symbol Include the message “...[Read More]

Gam3r DNA Blitz Bonanza Registration

Tournament is on April 14th starting at 3pm PT.

1000 ICE Giveaway

1000 ICE Giveaway

Gam3r DNA: Episode 3

In this episode we continue our conversation about the Captain Position in Vainglory.

Gam3r DNA: Episode 2 part 1

In this episode of Gam3r DNA we take an in-depth look at the Vainglory Captain role.

Which VG Hero Are You?


  The Churn whispers to ‘Elite Force’ Idris as he scouts inside the most mysterious place on the Fold: the Halcyon Well. Will he succumb to the evil that lives within him? CHECK HIM OUT IN GAME: MODEL CHANGES Three-pointed glowing spear Environmentally sealed ballistic armor and mask HMD combat helmet with multi-spectrum optical cameras Geometrical armor patterns   ALTERNATE FATE LORE TH...[Read More]

Who do you use off meta in Vainglory?

Meta. Probably a term you’ve heard while gaming.  It essentially references what is conventional within a genre, or in this case what is the conventional way to play the game.  For example it is meta for a rap song to talk about money, guns, and women (generally by referring to them with different adjectives).  It is, therefore, off meta for a rap to be a love ballad.  Depending on how you l...[Read More]

Gam3r DNA Podcasts

Gam3r DNA: Episode 1

In Episode 1 you’ll get a small introduction to BLG3RNT and TRUTH.  They will share some of their views on their favorite game, discuss their hopes and dreams for the site and the podcast, and just ramble a whole lot!

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