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We are gamers.  We are also passionate about the competitive e-sports community, and we strive to bring you the most compelling information.  Everything from news updates, competition recaps, game reviews, and more about the world of e-sports.

We believe in becoming immersed in our community, so we encourage you to interact with us, let us know what you want from us, and how we can improve our site.  We can’t appease everyone, but we will take everyone into consideration!



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About Us
Darrell a.k.a. BLG3RNT
Site Admin
The old man of the group.  Gaming for longer than most of the rest of the crew has been alive.  Yes, I was there when the original Nintendo was first released.  Who remembers having to blow into the console, or needing to make sure the game cartridge was rubbing the edge when you pressed it down into the console?  Yes, I realize most of you are like “What the hell is a game cartridge?  They haven’t always been on disks or digital downloads?”


About Us
Anja a.k.a. TruthinCliche
Vainglory Lead/Site Editor
Spends most of her free time obsessively playing Vainglory, but will still tell you she’s not a gamer. Outside of her internet life Truth enjoys feeding her caffeine addiction, hiking, and listening to loud music.


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